Get To Understand The Marketing Team Role In Active Students

By Chantel Georgiou

I wanted to work for Active Students because I love what they do. I am a student myself and it is great to see the opportunities Active Students offer. You don’t have to sign up to anything so no commitment is involved; it’s FREE which is great for students as most of us are poor.

I am part of the marketing team and my role involves face-to-face interaction with students and staff and promoting our sessions. I’m also very involved with our social media sites. I love working for Active Students as it relates with the joint degree I am studying (Journalism, Media Cultures/Sports studies).

Being part of the marketing team is great as I am an ex footballer and I personally haven’t played any sports since I was in secondary school. I feel like I can relate to a lot of people who use to play and other commitments got in their way like they got in mine. I am very determined to start playing sports again and Active Student sessions are great as I don’t need to commit to anything and we do a range of sports so I can try new things that I have never done before. I would love to get everyone who has either never played sports before or who are ex sporty like me to come along to our sessions and try new sports out, you never know you can end up being very good at them.