Get To Understand The Role Of A HESSAS

By Abby Sanderson

Hi everyone, my name is Abby Sanderson and I work as a HESSA as part of the Active Students team. I am in my second year at University studying Sport and French, being a sport student means sport is a great passion of mine and I love to coach others and be active.

I chose to apply for a job with Active Students because sport is my life, I love being involved in sport and being a part of Active Students means that I can talk, coach and promote sport all the time- it couldn’t get any better! I am very keen on encouraging more people to take part in sport that may not otherwise have chosen to. A personal main focus of mine is women: I do a lot of work centred around female only participation. Active Student allows me to be more involved in the University and it is a very rewarding job.

I work specifically as a HESSA which stands for Higher Education Sports Specific Activator, this means that we have our own specialist sport to focus on but we also take care of other sports on the programme as the programme offers so many varying activities. My job title is ‘Women’s Football HESSA’ so my main responsibility is Women’s Football. Alongside women’s football I am also responsible for Zumba and Clubbercise which is an exercise class in a night club environment- it is so much fun! I was chosen to work specifically as a Women’s Football HESSA because I am very passionate about football and I play, coach and referee. I have quite a few links at the University as I am involved in the AU women’s football team, campus football and also a development intern with the AU, having all these links means I can point people in the right direction as to the level they should be playing at during their time at University.

As a HESSA it is important that you attend ALL your sessions and if you are unable to do so for any reason the session must be covered by a fellow Active Student. When arriving at a session it is imperative that you are time so you have time to move things around like chairs and tables to create a safe environment, then you have to scan each students ID card and issue stamps/ loyalty cards. You then stay for the whole session, it is always best to get involved and join in the activity!

My role benefits active students because I am so passionate about what I do that I am determined to work hard and make sure that everyone wants to attend the Active Students sessions.

Come along and meet me at one of my sessions:

Tuesday 12.30-1.30 Clubbercise in the Oval Flexible Space

Tuesday 5.30-6.30 Zumba in the Oval Flexible Space

Thursday 7-8pm Goals 4 Girls (Female Only Football) MUGA College Lane