Get To Understand An Activator Better

By Lee Michael Ling-Knowler

There are many reasons why I applied to work at Active Students, one reason being that it is a great thing to put on your CV, as they offer paid work but also volunteer work, which allowed myself to work for an upcoming projects and small business that offers a great service to all the students and staff not only at the university, but also at the Royal Veterinary College.

I enjoy playing sports and taking part in social activities to try and be somewhat healthy and fit, it works out better then constantly going to the gym to get that perfect body for that special someone! #GymLad.

But seriously, it’s a good way to keep fit and it also allows you to socialise with the people at the sessions, whether it be your friends, new people or even the staff at the university or college as everyone is welcome to come along. As an activator I try and give them the best possible experience from that session/activity they are attending.

As an activator my role is to add the personalized touch to the sessions to get you to express that hidden/subconscious love for that sport you haven’t heard of or tried yet as well as enhancing your university experience.

But as an activator at Active Students, we help at the sessions that we offer throughout the week, this involves scanning IDs so we can gather data to send back to Sport England to show how well the project is doing. We also sometimes help the instructors run the sessions unless it’s an activator coached session, ensuring everyone is safe and enjoying themselves and getting their fair share of fun at the session.