Women’s Football Week 2015

By Aimone Sharif

As women’s football week comes to an end we talk to a relieved Abby Sanderson for a recap of the event. Statistically speaking, Abby has ran five sessions in five days. Overall, 89 girls participated, including 79 unique numbers (girls that do not normally participate in sports) and the event has had amazingly good feedback from students.

How do you think this whole week went?

I feel overall the week went very well, however, certain events attracted very few numbers which is disappointing. Now, I need to look at the feedback from the girls who attended to understand what they want to get from participating in football at UH, and make sure training/ activities are tailored towards this.

What was your favourite day?

On Thursday night we had “GOALS 4 GIRLS”, that was most definitely my favourite event! It was a recreational session with Active Students, run by a Tottenham Hotspur coach. The session was good fun with music and combined a lot of different aspects of football and, most importantly, it was a welcoming environment for beginners and all the girls had FUN.

What do you think you can do better in the future?

I would do some research before organising the events, things such as what the girls want to participate in rather than me guessing what they would like. I would also try to do more marketing, promoting and education around the event to ensure that girls that are going to participate know exactly what is involved, making them more comfortable in participating. A good promotion will bring my participation numbers higher as well as attracting more people.

Did you reach your target?

The target for the week was 20-30 unique girls and we managed to hit 78 unique girls, so we smashed the target! I am very excited for the future of women’s football at UH now!

What are your future events to promote female participation?

Following on from the success of this week we are hoping to organise a women’s football tournament. Most importantly, to retain our numbers we are continuing the activities which were successful as a permanent fixture at UH. On the week of the 16th to the 22nd November we have our own University of Hertfordshire “This Girl Can” week, so keep an eye out for more sessions!

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