Introduction To Rush Hockey

By Beth Wade

Hey guys, I’m Beth, your HESSA for Hockey this year! I’m writing this blog so you can all get a better idea of the rules for rush hockey and why I am so keen to get as many of you involved as possible!

So what is Rush Hockey?

Rush Hockey is a 5 a side game, as opposed to the 11 a-side the AU team play in BUCS- it makes it so much more fun and gives everyone more to do on the pitch! We don’t really play to the rules- that takes all the fun out of the game doesn’t it?! There are two teams with either black sticks or red sticks using the pitch! The aim of the game is to hit the ball in to the goal without getting tackled, intercepted or a fouled (and this includes touching the ball with your foot)!

Who can play?

Everyone can play- check out the photo above from our first session! Hockey can be played as both a mixed sport and women/men’s teams and it’s for all ages! Just remember to bring your ID card

What will I get out of it?

You will get out of the session as much as you put in! Whether you just want to come for a light bit of fitness, push yourself ‘til you break a sweat or you would like to get involved in team games then come along! Even if you just want to do a bit of exercise whilst making new friends then come on down- this is the right place for you!

When does the session take place?

We play 8-9pm on a Thursday evening at the Sand Astro on De Havilland! It’s the very end astro pitch past all the football and rugby players! If you are a bit lost, just wait at the front of the all the pitches and spot the blue hoodie and the hockey sticks and walk with me!

Do I need my own equipment?

No you don’t! All sticks and balls are provided- we recommend that if you have shin pads or gum shields then please do wear them just to protect yourself! It isn’t competitive though so please don’t worry if you don’t!

If you have any questions don’t be afraid to get in touch with anyone working for Active Students- we are all keen to help! Even if you just want to come and watch a session before getting stuck in you are more than welcome! Bring your friends, bring your flatmates, your course mates or come by yourself and make new friends- EVERYONE IS WELCOME!