Bacon and Cheese Sauce Pasties – Dinner

By Hannah Roberts

Makes 4 pasties plus a few cheese straws from the remaining mixture! – Yum!

When you are about to cook your meal pre-heat the oven to 200℃


8 rashers of streaky smoked bacon

Ingredients For Cheese Sauce


400ml Milk



Salt and Pepper

Ingredients For Pastry

115g Butter

230g Plain Flour


Tbs Water

Preparation For Pastry

The pastry needs to be made at least 1 hour in advance and cooled in the fridge.

Rub together the butter and plain flour and add the cheese (if you want it really cheesy add lots and if you don’t want much cheese don’t add much! It is up to you!). Add a tablespoon of cold water at a time to get the mixture to clump together – yes, you have to do this with your hands! Keep adding water until the mixture has come together into a nice ball. Put the ball of pastry onto some clingfilm and wrap it up and pop it into the fridge for at least 1 hour.

The Filling

Place bacon rashes onto a tray with tin film and cook at 180℃ until crispy, then leave to cool on the side.

To make the cheese sauce you will need to melt about 25g of butter into a saucepan add a tablespoon of flour and stir, cook for 1-2 minutes.

Take the pan off the heat and gradually stir in the milk to get a smooth sauce. Return to the heat and, stirring all the time, bring to the boil.

Simmer gently for 8-10 minutes and season with salt and pepper.

Stir in cheese and allow to melt. Don’t re-boil the sauce or it will become stringy and that is not nice at all!

Take off the heat

Roll out each piece of pastry dough on a lightly floured surface until it is large enough to fit a circle about 20cm across – use a plate to trim it to shape.

Firmly pack a quarter of the filling along the centre of each round, leaving a margin at each end. Brush the pastry all the way round the edge with beaten egg, carefully pick up both sides so that they meet at the top, then pinch them together to seal. Make sure there is no holes in the sealed pastry because the filling will leak out! Lift onto a non-stick baking tray and brush with the remaining egg to glaze. Pierce 2 small holes in the top so the pasties don’t explode in the cooker..

That would not be fun to clean up!

If you have any remaining pastry roll them out

Bake for 10 mins, then lower oven to 180℃ for 45 mins more until golden. Great served warm with freshly steamed broccoli and carrots and new potatoes.