How Can You Benefit From Active Students

By Chantel Georgiou

Hi guys I’m Chantel and I’m part of the marketing team for Active Students. I am here today to tell you how YOU can benefit from Active Students.

For someone of you this is your first time away from home, away from your normal life where you know people and you know the area well. Coming to Active Student sessions is a great way to meet new people especially if you’re finding it hard to mingle and make new friends. I know university is daunting at first as there is so much going on but come along to our sessions to relax and socialise with people as everyone is in the same boat.

Active Students sessions are a great way for you to exercise especially if you are not sporty and you aren’t part of a sports club or gym. I love the fact that it is FREE and it has a variety of sessions so you don’t have to commit to one thing and you can do a variety of sports that you have never participated in before. You can also benefit from our incentives. When you come to your first session ask one of the activators for a loyalty card. Every session you come to you will get a stamp on this card. After four stamps we will give you a T-shirt, after eight stamps we will give you a water bottle and after twelve stamps you will get a hoodie. You can attend any session you like and as many as you like.