Introduction To Cricket

By Patrick Dion-Fehily

Hey students, staff and active students. I’m Patrick, an activator at the university. I study BEng electronic and electrical engineering in my third year. My primary sport is taekwondo where I’ve competed at international level, but I enjoy all kinds of sports.

This blog today is based around indoor cricket which is one of the sports active students put on. The sport is held on De Hav sports hall 1 on a Monday 14:00-16:00. The rules are very similar to outdoor cricket with two batsmen, a bowler and fielders. Split into two teams, the batsmen aim to score as many points as possible by hitting the ball around the hall avoiding the fielders. The main difference between indoor and outdoor cricket are how the runs are scored.

Advantages of this sport is that there are no seasons, it can be played throughout the year to keep the game active instead of held just in summer.

The session is run by a qualified cricket coach who gives tips, coaching and sets up games for the students. There are indoor cricket leagues and if interested speak to the coach who runs the session. So come join these sessions to improve your game for the upcoming summer of cricket!