Introduction To Dodgeball

By Jerry Song

Hey there guys, I’m Jerry, one of your Student Activators this year, and I’m currently in my 2nd year of BSc Sports Therapy. All my life, I’ve been involved in all kinds of sports activities, and today I’m going to briefly introduce to you one that I’m quite passionate about and is loads of fun: DODGEBALL!

I’m sure a lot of you have heard of or seen the movie Dodgeball, but don’t quite know the proper rules of the game, so let me first tell you about the international rules as laid down by the International Dodgeball Association (IDA) right now.

General Rules:

  • 6 players to a team on two ends of the court at the start of the game.
  • 6 foam balls placed on the centerline.
  • All players must have hands touching the back wall at the starting countdown of “3,2,1, DODGEBALL”, and then can retrieve the balls on the centerline.
  • After retrieving the balls, they must return to the back wall before the ball is considered live/active. Otherwise, the ball is considered dead.
  • Players attempt to eliminate opponents by hitting them with balls or catching their throws. If a player is hit with a live ball, that player is out.
  • Eliminated players line up against the designated wall or on the sideline, which is to be announced at the start of the games, next to the referees, according to the order of elimination.
  • Play continues until one team is eliminated or time runs out, then the team with the most remaining players is considered the winners.

Additional Rules:

  • All parts of a player’s person, including all parts of his body, clothing, or balls in possession are considered when determining if contact has been made.
  • Headshots: To simplify the game, all headshots count. However, we do not condone intentional headshots.
  • A catch is when a player retains full control of a ball released by an opponent. While possession does not require both feet on the ground, the player must land with both feet, or any other part of his body inbounds. This includes catching balls going out of bounds.
  • If a player catches a ball thrown by an opponent, the thrower is out and one player returns to the catcher’s side in the order of first out, first in.
  • A block is when a player uses ball(s) in possession to keep himself from being hit by another ball.
  • Referee’s decision is final! There will be no dispute on this.

So, those are the basic rules of dodgeball right there for you! Seems easy enough, no? Come join us for an hour of fun playing this game then! Active Students (AS) holds FREE weekly dodgeball sessions every Monday from 12-1pm in Sports Hall 3 of the Hertfordshire Sports Village on De Havilland campus. Don’t forget to bring your student ID cards with you and your AS loyalty card for a stamp and an opportunity to grab some cool Active Students FREEBIES & MERCHANDISE!

P/S: Don’t hesitate to say hi and ask me more about this or anything Active Students related! –Jerry-