Introduction To Touch Rugby

By Duncan Bendall

Touch rugby is a non-contact variation of rugby league which is accessible to people of all ages, abilities and genders. This fun filled sport that is becoming increasingly popular as a starting point for further rugby progression or just a good way to stay fit and active! Here are the basic rules we play with active students:
  1. To start, split into two even sides. The attacking team ‘taps’ to begin play (a tap is when the ball is on the ground and once the players foot touches the ball they are able to play).
  2. You may only pass the ball backwards. If you pass forwards the ball is turned over to the opposing team.
  3. To score you must place the ball over the oppositions try line. If it is dropped then there is no try and the ball is turned over.
  4. To make a ‘tackle’ you must place one or two hands on the player with the ball.
  5. The player who is tackled must stop where they are, place the ball on the ground and then roll the ball between their legs using their foot. This is called a ‘chicken scratch’ and after this is done another attacking player may either pick the ball up and run or pass to another player.
  6. If you pass the ball forward or drop the ball forward then it is a turn over the opposition who play from the point of the infringement.