Why does Active Students Exist?

By Chantel Georgiou

Active Students is a student friendly organisation. We are around for people to have the opportunity to partake in a variety of sports. I am going to give you a little information about our background but I won’t bore you with too many facts. It’s interesting to know a little bit about us (well I think so anyway).

Active students are a very good organisation.  We want everyone to participate regardless of his or her ability, age or gender. Last March we won an award for our hard work and there was an article written in the Guardian. We are funded by Sports England who has awarded us with more funding until 2017. University students are a very important age group as they are least likely to participate in sports. Therefore we are here to change that.

Students usually like to go out and stay at home. We offer a range of sports and we have classes going on everyday. Our main attraction is that you don’t have to commit, it’s free and it’s something to do when you’re tired of writing assignments and you need a break and want to relax.