Introduction To Volleyball

By Mateusz Plaza

Hey people, I’m Mateusz, I’m a HESSA for volleyball with the active students as well as the chairman and men’s captain of the volleyball team. With this post I’ll introduce you to the origins and basics of the volleyball game and I will talk you through some key plays.

Seeing that you’re reading this post it indicates to me that you have developed an interest in the sport and would like to find out more about it. Awesome!

Volleyball is without doubt an enjoyable activity that can be played indoors as well as on the beach or grass. The game most commonly consists of two teams of 6 players competing against each other in a game played up to 25 points.

The game of volleyball was invented back in 1895 just four years after basketball. It was invented by a Springfield College graduate who wanted to combine basketball, baseball, tennis and handball. The first net was only 6’6” high as opposed to 7’11-5/8” in the modern era.

The net is fixed in the middle of an 18m by 9m court and is marked by two flexible antennae’s which mark the area through which the ball must pass during play.

In volleyball there are 3 key moves that every player should know in order to play effectively:

  • Dig
  • Volley
  • Spike

The “dig” is a forearm pass that is often used to control the ball and pass it to the setter. It is really effective in defence when executed correctly for example when receiving the serve or defending a spike.

The “volley” is used to pass the ball overhead to another player. It is also often referred to as the “set”. When setting, the setter would volley the ball on the team’s second touch to set up the spiker for a hit.

The “spike” is often the last touch before the ball is sent over the net. A “spike” is when the ball is hit or smashed across the court. Most effective way to score a point off a rally.

We as the Active Students have teamed up with Volleyball England Go Spike! initiative to offer free social volleyball sessions as part of the Active Students program whereby you can come along and play volleyball in a casual non-competitive environment. Our session are currently held in the Hertfordshire Sports Village every Friday between 19:30 and 20:30 and are led by a qualified coach.

The sessions usually take a format of a few minutes spent on practicing drills followed shortly by either a 6v6 match or other adapted games to involve as many participants as possible.

So, if you’d like to get involved and play again or perhaps if you’re new to volleyball and want to give it a go then our Active Students Volleyball sessions is surely for you as we cater for players of all abilities from absolute beginners to the more advanced players.

See you soon!

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