Sports Promoter Role Within Active Students

By Nathan Smith

For me being a Sports Promoter is all about increasing awareness and garnering as much interest in the wide array of activities we at Active Students offer. You will be hard pushed to find a sport you’ve heard of that we haven’t facilitated before and if you do and there’s a big enough following, we will get it done.

We in the promotions team spend most of our time, speaking to students about why they play sports or what would make them try something new if they don’t already and we receive some very interesting responses which is one of the things I love most about the role. We also have weekly meetings to discuss what more we can do to improve the experience for you guys: This includes a brief  conversation on the feedback we’d received in the past week and how we can act on this feedback.

Many students here at UH don’t know much about what we offer and like most people would be, are suspicious about our, ‘No sign up, no commitment, no cost’ catchphrase. This is another unfortunately large part of my day to day role: assuring students that what we do is completely free and requires no sign up. Being completely candid, I do not blame them for being so suspecting: I came to university thinking I would be entitled to a fair number of freebies with the 9k fees and all but on the whole, I was wrong, very wrong.

However Active Students was the exception to the rule with countless sports on offer to us all with no fees or hidden costs. Personally, I knew there were a few sports on offer but I had no idea about the variety of activities on offer including those things I’d always watched on tv but never really thought I’d have the chance to play without getting involved in the sports competitively. Fencing for example I had no idea was something AS offered until I started in my role as a promoter. It is exactly this experience that has led me to put everything I have in to my role because I want to ensure that students don’t get to their third year at UH before they start to take advantage of all the opportunities AS offer. I honestly wish I knew more about AS in my first two years here: I was lucky enough to make some great friends on my course and through halls, but I have also met some great people and personalities at AS sessions and I highly recommend you all do the same.

See you in a session soon