Acai – The Superfood

Acai – The Superfood

Hi again everyone Matt your amazing activator and Sports Studies student here again.

I hope you have had a good weekend? I’ve had an amazing weekend where I competed in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu English championships where I had lots of fun and fought some great fights with some victories. Woo!

After I competed, I got myself a tasty hard earned Brazilian treat; A beautiful bowl of Acai. I love that they sell it at my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitions to give a little taste of Brazilian culture. Wow, wow, wow! Acai is amazing. It’s a superfood and I’m going to tell you more about it.

First of all, it is pronounced “A-sai-ee” so let’s get that right first as many people pronounce it wrong by saying “A-kai “. No, no, no, it’s “A-sai-ee”.

Where does it come from and how do I eat it?

Acai berries grow in the tropical Amazon rainforest of Brazil. They are served as a frozen, sorbet like pulp. They are served like this because the berry goes rancid very quickly. So the serving I had this weekend was the frozen pulp in a bowl with coconut shavings, granola and banana slices, all mixed together to make a messy bowl of greatness. You can also have smoothies made from acai.

Why is Acai so good for you?

  • Firstly, Acai is extremely high with antioxidants, many times higher in antioxidants than fruits such as grapes and blueberries. Antioxidant foods keep our hearts healthy and blood circulating well which is really beneficial to the cardiovascular system so us active people alike can compete or participate longer and harder. Acai is a fantastic boost of energy, and I certainly feel more energized after consuming it. It’s pretty filling as well. Are you convinced already? I’m just getting started with these benefits.
  • Being a booster of energy means it boosts muscle performance and endurance.
  • These berries also benefit our digestive system as they are high in fibre.
  • Being very high also in that vitamin C goodness means it serves well in boosting our immune systems.
  • Alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise, Acai can provide great aid the process of weight loss.
  • Here is one that’ll really interest you and tempt you to have a bowl. The reason why many Brazilians look so good and youthful all the time maybe due to the claim that Acai contributes to healthy skin and anti ageing. Which is again due to the extremely high anti oxidant content.

Nutritional values


High content of calcium, iron, fibre, lipids, anti-oxidants, omega oils and vitamins B1 and E.

amount per 100g serving.

calories                   177kcal-497kj

protein                    0.6g

carbohydrates       18.9

lipids(fat)               2g

dietary fiber          6.2g

sodium                   18.3mg

Why do I rarely see Acai around?

The downside of Acai is that it is pretty expensive due to it being valuable and needing to be frozen and processed quickly. A big tub of frozen Acai pulp can cost around £60. Therefore you will not come across real Acai very often. If it’s cheap, it’s probably not real or the content percentage of it is relatively tiny.

So yes it’s expensive however the benefits are incredible. I’m going to have some everyday for breakfast when I visit Rio and I can’t wait to tuck into a bowl again. All information aside, It simply tastes beautiful, absolutely beautiful. If you ever see some around (Not tablets) you must treat yourself and have a bowl. I promise you won’t regret it. Have some!




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