Active Students: Whats Next?

By Nathan Smith

So over these first couple months of Semester A 2015/16, we have given you guys a lot of great reasons to come to our sessions a thousands of you have responded: the attendances have been fantastic with numerous sessions being over capacity in these past weeks. I know you guys have loved the loyalty card scheme and many of you are fantastically keen to get your hands on those hoodies, T-shirts/vests and water bottles with some of you nearly there. Unfortunately this has been the same case for every other student too and we no longer have any more water bottles or T-shirts, only S, M & L hoodies left and XS vests.

Now what we want to know is what you would like to see on offer next! Please be realistic, we are not going to be giving away two tickets to Ibiza ‘for you and a loved one’: Does anyone ever win those competitions anyway?

Over the next couple months we are going to be running competitions across and throughout all of our sessions. We are going to be looking at a multitude of things including; the best dressed (fancy dress if the session permits it), most enthusiasm, best team player and many more. We would like to hear from you guys on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #ActiveHertsComp what prizes you would love to see on offer.

We will also be offering prizes for the person with the most likes/retweets on a status/tweet about them at one of our many sessions or pictures of them taking part. We will be monitoring this and I personally have already seen many of you taking selfies at our sessions so I know you are not shy J. We would also appreciate some feedback on what you thought was good in our sessions or things we could perhaps improve on next week.

So what we want from you in the upcoming weeks:

– Facebook/Twitter/Instagram posts of you at AS sessions

– Feedback on your experience so far

– Tweets on what you would like to win

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