The Gym

The Gym – Tips to get motivated to go!

By Hannah Roberts

Hey, my name is Hannah and I am addicted to the gym. I never used to be though! I used to think it was a scary place full of really hench sweaty men shouting and getting angry at weights; really fit girls who can run for miles and then a couple of odd people who just have no idea what they are doing and are actually quite amusing to watch…

I was introduced to the gym by my boyfriend (he is a powerlifter) and I felt very intimidated but I was with him so it reassured me, he just told me to ignore everyone around me and concentrate on myself. So that is what I did. I carried on going 3 times a week on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday and I slowly got bored of the same thing that I was doing over and over again. I stopped for a little while and then thought, ‘right. I need to start going again!’. So what I did was look online for routines and found one which differed from session to session. I found one which suited me really well and this time I really got into it and have been going ever since! I have improved massively and I have now started to help teach and motivate others to practice the ways of powerlifting! I don’t usually do cardio (which I should!), I do a lot of weightlifting and have therefore followed in my boyfriend’s footsteps! My aim for next year is to enter a powerlifting competition against a lot of other very strong girls and hopefully gain a respectable place.

I have written this little blog hoping that you too will find the motivation to join the gym! It is the end of January and most of you are probably way into your new years resolutions… Hopefully… I am guessing that most of you put down the usual:

  • Don’t spend as much money as last year
  • Go on a diet or eat healthier
  • Drink less alcohol
  • Go to more Active Student sessions! (of course!)

And the most popular of them all:


Okay, so maybe you haven’t even started your resolutions yet. You’re just trying to put them off a little longer whilst you settle into another semester, but you still have that niggling feeling of ‘I still need to do them!’. If you want to get fitter and feel better about yourself but you’re lacking the motivation to go into a new environment such as the gym and start working out then here are a few tips so you can get the confidence to go out and kickstart this ‘New You!’:

  1. Going to the gym is the first step of your journey to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Getting the courage and determination to throw yourself into a new environment and feel confident enough to just do what you do and not care what people around you think is a big step and if you believe you can do it then you will. Simple as that. Just believe in yourself and you can achieve anything!
  2. Bring a friend along with you! Going to work out with a friend means that it isn’t a chore; you can enjoy yourself, relax and motivate one another to work harder! It also means that it is less daunting if you know at least one person there. You can also make friends with the people there, they aren’t that scary and they definitely won’t bite, so don’t worry! Try and go with different people throughout the week to try different things, some friends may push you harder than others!
  3. Make a set routine before you go into the gym. Making a plan will make sure you don’t skimp or just waste time in the gym. It will also help you improve each week if you keep track of what you are doing.
  4. Going to the gym in the morning will relieve stress and get you set for the day ahead. Make sure that you have a good breakfast at least an hour before you go (check out the blog about healthy meals to get some ideas!) otherwise you will get indigestion or a stitch. Make sure you pack a healthy snack, such as a banana, after the gym for that energy boost. Make sure you bring a bottle of water too to keep hydrated as you work out!
  5. When you are at the gym talk to the people who work there, they can help you set up your first routine/plan and show you around if you are unsure how to use all of the scary machines that look like they are going to bend your body in all sorts of ways! They are all very friendly and helpful so go have a chat!
  6. Don’t push yourself too hard to show off. Just go at your own pace, everyone has had to start somewhere! You will improve overtime and it will take time, this isn’t just a one day thing – it is a lifestyle.
  7. Make sure you have fun. If you are not enjoying your routine, just change it! The gym shouldn’t be a chore, you should have fun and enjoy doing whatever you’re doing.
  8. Last but not least, be yourself. Don’t act differently just because you are in the gym, be polite and friendly, nod or wave to people you know but don’t spend too much time talking to them because it will interrupt your routine. At the end of the day, everyone is at the gym to work on themselves. Don’t take that time away from them or yourself. That’s just impolite!

If you need any more information about the gym just ask one of the Activators at a session or talk to reception at The Sports Village, de Hav Campus.

Check out the Hertfordshire gym memberships here:

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Hang on, why are you still reading this? You should be in the gym!