How I Got Into Hockey

Hi guys,

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It’s Luke here, one of the team leaders of Active Students,this is my story on how I became involved in hockey. I’m currently in my postgraduate year at UH, my 4th year here, and I am currently the chairman of the AU Hockey Club.

I first got involved with hockey at university strangely enough, one of my friends on my course played hockey and he was very good at it, and during my first year he had kept on prompting me to try it out, so during the end of Semester B I finally decided to give it a go.

My first full involvement with hockey was actually a match, for Potters Bar, during the summer league season which is a lot like the campus football at UH – a ‘just for fun’ league. I didn’t know the rules of hockey except for the basics, but used my football knowledge to help me play as a left winger.

During my second game, I scored byfluke! I still didn’t know how to hit a ball properly, but I found myself through on goal with the ball, and I tried a classic golf swing and hit the floor, so I panicked and just swept the stick on the floor, hitting the ball and sending it through the keepers legs, for my first ever hockey goal!

I continued on with this throughout the summer, and at the beginning of my second year, the hockey team was recruiting, so my friend and also the then hockey captain persuaded me to join up, which I did, and I ended the season with them as top goalscorer with a great 2 goals!

Following this season, I thought I had improved my game a lot, and I then became the hockey second team captain during my first year, where we had a great season and finished 3rd in our league with 13 points, receiving a Club Purple in the process.

Thus, I find myself now in my postgraduate year, as hockey chairman, loving the hockey and doing it at least six times a week; three matches a week, two training sessions and an Active Student session! I have also signed up to play for Welwyn Garden City Hockey Club, and we also have a separate Mixed team within the AU Hockey Club.

You can get involved too! We have Active Students Hockey from 6:00-7:00 on the Sand Astro on deHav every Tuesday!



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