How Did I Get Into Active Students?

By Muhsin Ahmadsabri

2016 has started off with a bang! Not only am I starting my 2nd homecoming to University of Hertfordshire (I did my Undergrad from 2006-2009) but I’m doing it together with my family. Yeap! My wife and son are going to be here with me until I graduate from my MSc International Business.

So, I came here in October 2015 and after managing my accommodation and sorting out some part time jobs, my family then came on December 29th, exactly two days before New Year. You could say I had the best New Year this year in the arms of my own family here in Hatfield!

Being the head of the family is exceptionally different from when you were single especially when you’re in a foreign country. Nonetheless, I believe that the experience that we will get as a family here will become the light that will shine our family’s future. Obviously, there’s no more late night drinking’s or partying till the sunrise, but, one thing that I can still do is to enjoy sports! I’m a sports freak, be it swimming, tennis or even badminton, I play them all. However, football has always been the bread and butter of my life.

As I’m not staying in the Halls of Residence and friends at Masters Level tend to have their own set of activities most of the time, I’ve decided to try out the Active Student’s activities. How I heard of this? It’s through the hoodies that majority of the students have been wearing in and around the campus! I then checked-out the activities available and surprisingly it’s nothing like I imagine. It is so engaging and does not cater specific interests with a nice mix of sports such as Frisbees, yoga, badminton and obviously futsal and football.

So, one Wednesday in the first week of January, I’ve decided to join the futsal session held at College Lane campus.

I was surprised that about 25 people came and the organizers were spot-on in managing the people that have come to have a go. Some knew each other but most of us during the session didn’t. Being a goalie, (one that’s quite good actually), I’ve manage to know other students from around the world with each of the teams that I played with.

The cohesiveness of everyone participating was remarkable. Although there were some nasty tackles here and there (well, it is a contact sport after all), for some magical reason, everyone gets along very well regardless of where they came from. A very good example would be my 5 team mates and I now play together in Herts Futsal League and it all began from that Wednesday during our first day of Active Students.

On a side note, I would like to make a special mention to those involve in the build-up of Active Students: You guys are doing a fantastic job to accommodate us students! It’s a great platform for all of us just to stretch our legs and even to make new friends at the same time. It definitely helps especially during the depressing winter times! Kudos and keep up the good work folks!

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