For The Badminton Lovers

By Etelka

Hello!! Second year biomed student here, called Etelka (aye yes a strange name :P). Welcome to my blog about active student sessions. Feel free to read about my experiences and occasionally laugh at my attempts to stay healthy by attending random sessions in hoping one day I will find a sport that I will thoroughly enjoy…and by that, I mean, a sport I am really good because I do get quite competitive XD

This week I’ll be talking (or more truly to speak, writing) about how I got into badminton.

Lazy has been used to describe me a lot. Since starting college my physical activities decreased, but after hearing about active students at the start of my second year of uni, a change is in the rising. Badminton was originally recommended by my housemates. He described it as an “easy” sport that doesn’t require much stamina when playing friendly games. Not to say that I thought he was lying, but the quotation marks do indicate that I wasn’t convinced that much at first. Still, I dragged my lazy ass and attended a session.

As I entered the courts, amazement hit me at how many people attended the session. After speaking to a few before starting my first game, it took me by surprise that some of them turned up even though they only had time to play a short 10 minute game. All the nets were set up, ready for us to engage. The equipment was provided and with the rules explained, I took a deep breath and began to play!

Though I would not say badminton was easy, it was enjoyable to find that it was a sport I could quickly pick up. The light shuttlecock had air resistance when traveling from one side of the court to the other, giving time for those with delayed reactions. You might be thinking that it gets a bit boring just hitting the shuttlecock back and forth (or you might not be thinking this, nevertheless you might as well continue reading), there are a variety of different games to be played. For example, I started off with a doubles game so my partner was able to help guide me and follow through the rules. Then with my mind set, a singles game was played competitively. Lastly with enough people agreeing, we finished off with a game of around the world, where we had to run around the court whilst the shuttlecock was still being hit from one end to the other – kinda hard to describe, or possibly that I am not that good a explaining XD… So why not try out a session of badminton with active student and see what it is all about? It is held 3 times a week so pop into any that are suitable to your timetable – Monday 10-12, Wednesday 11-12 and Thursday 2-4. Maybe I’ll see and play you there 🙂