Welcome to UoH

Hi everyone! Welcome back if you are a returning student and congratulations for getting into university if you are a 1st year!University is a fun time but can also be stressful – I am certain you have been told plenty of times that your university years will be the best years of your life, and Active Students is here to help you make that happen (insert magical sound here).

“So what is Active Students?” Glad you asked. Active Students is a free programme run on both college lane and De Hav, we hold free activity and sport sessions! We believe that everyone should get active and we don’t mean everyone should go and play a competitive sport, we mean any form of physical activity, such as yoga. And that is why these sessions are for free; we want to help you get active! Better yet our motto is ‘no sign up, no commitment and no cost’, in other words it’s relaxed and informal, you can come once a week or every week, that way you can fit it around your studies!

I’m sure that you have heard that sport can help reduce anxiety and release endorphins and make you feel fantastic! Well it’s true, university gets stressful at times, and I won’t lie about that, so sports can help reduce that stress. And when you are stressed you don’t want to have to catch a bus or a train to attend a yoga class, so we have brought these classes to your door step – literally!

Our sessions are also a great way for you to meet new people. University is always better, easier and more fun with great people and a way to meet them is by sharing a common interest with them, maybe at a football session? Don’t take my word for it; visit our blog to read some testimonials about our session’s activestudentsblog.com .

And to top all of that off we even hold free socials from time to time, to give you an opportunity to hang out and get to know other Active Students goers.

Encase all of that didn’t take your breath away because it was so overwhelmingly awesome here are some of our sessions!

• Belly dancing (‘beautiful liar’ Beyoncé and shakira vibes)

• Burlesque Fitness (Christina Aguilera vibes)

• Core Conditioning

• Girls who lift (damn right!)

• Bootcamp

• Salsa (Selena Gomez vibes)

• Yoga (we beautiful people need to take time to relax)

• Zumba

• Olympic Lifting (Feel like a beast)

• Football

• Roller Skating (as I said sports doesn’t have to be competitive)

I can go on and on about all of our sessions but instead find out for yourself at http://www.activestudents.co.uk .

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