I’m Aimone

Hi guys!!
My name is Aimone and I am part of this year’s marketing team and this year’s Athletics’ Activator!

Last year was my first year working in the sports world and it was amazing! Nevertheless for the good part of the year I was either severely injured and then was on crutches for a while. It was very hard mentally and physically and I am now able to run and be on full speed mode again, which is why I have decided to come back to Active Students and be the Activator that I can be.

Throughout last year, we have had a few campaigns we have worked on, my favourite one was hands down “”This Girl Can”. Organising the shooting and contacting the necessary people was stressful but the result was amazing and the video received a lot of praise and changed girl’s perspective of sports in an incredible way.

Active students enables people from every background to join together to play, get healthier and mix in a fun and stress free atmosphere; they make a change and I want to be part of it.

final aimone.jpg