Active Students Through My Eyes!

Hi, I’m Tomi. I’m currently a 2nd Year student studying Photography. I’m not really much of a fitness fanatic, but I do take part in cheerleading with the AU Cheerleading Team (Hertfordshire Sirens). Active Students was very unknown to me throughout my 1st Year, but since the start of this second year journey, I’ve been really interested in what they had to offer.

The first Active Students activity that I took part in was a Bootcamp (Regiment Fitness) session. As an old fond user of the gym, I thought that this would be a good place to start my workout regime again as I didn’t renew my gym membership for this year. These are the real student struggles, so the fact that Active Students offer classes and other fitness sessions for free meant that I was able to keep some money stored away instead of paying so much money for the gym.

Not knowing how this class worked was a bit of a bonus for me because this meant that I had absolutely no clue as to what I was getting myself into. I dragged my flatmate along so I wouldn’t be lonely and plus what fun is exercise if you don’t have a friend to do it with? Off we went to the MUGA Pitch next to the Oval on College Lane, got our ID cards scanned and then we awaited further instructions. I’m not going to get into details of what exactly happened, but lets just say that I got put through my paces! I didn’t realise what bootcamp consisted of, but boy was it a work out! In the end, I loved it. It made me realise that I really need to up my fitness levels, but being pushed to the limit is something that I really needed during that time.

As I still wanted to see what Active Students had to offer, their Core Conditioning (Pilates) class was my next choice! I LOVE to stretch and this class was the perfect fit for that. I’m surprised that I was able to get up at 10am to go to this, but hey when determination strikes you just have to go with it! Once I arrived in the Oval Flexible Space, I was told to pick up a yoga mat and we began to start the class. After this semi-difficult class (I haven’t stretched that intensely before) one of the activators came up to me and told me that I had a very flexible back. Upon hearing this, I didn’t know what to say as I can’t see how flexible my back is, but I was very grateful to have received this feedback after one session!

Now after participating in two classes, I kind of became addicted to trying something new and going on from the comment of my flexible back, this made me want to try the Gymnastics (Beginners) class that they held at the Cricket Hall in the Sports Village on De Havilland Campus. I’ve done gymnastics before at a young age, so I knew that this class wouldn’t be too hard to take part in. My main aims were to learn a handstand and to perfect my backbend. I’m still working on the handstand thanks to the techniques that I learnt off the instructor but in regards to my backbend – I got it in one session! I’m so proud of this accomplishment!

Now after all the exercise fun, I just wanted to try one last class that didn’t require any gym wear – although I do love my Nike Pro’s! Rollerskating was my choice. I’ve always loved skating – whether on the grass or on ice, I love them both. I was so excited that Active Students offered this as purely because it’s just a bit of fun and it is actually one hobby that I want to pursue in the future so these sessions are really going to help with that. So far I’ve only been to one, but it can only go up from here!

If you’ve got any free time in the week (which we all have, so get moving guys) I recommend at least trying one class! I’ve enjoyed it so much and I can’t wait to tackle more classes when I have the time!

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