I’m Nariece

I’m Nariece. I’m a third year English Literature and Creative Writing student. I am also Head of Trident Media Radio.

Since starting at Herts, I have gone from doing very little exercise to working out around three times a week. This wasn’t a quick process though, and my enjoyment of exercise has been building VERY SLOWLY. However, time has flown and I am now an Active Students Activator. I get fidgety nowadays if I haven’t been to yoga and had a stretch!

I started getting into sports through Active Students and winning a gold gym membership at Hertfordshire Sports Village.

I was a little nervous at first, attending Active Students Badminton in the Sports Halls. Hand-eye co-ordination has never been my strong point, and as a new student, I didn’t really know anyone. However, I met some lovely people and built up a sweat every week for the whole of the semester A. I think my skills improved, and the hole in my racket disappeared (eventually.)

Nowadays I’m often in the gym… when I should probably be reading. Hopefully I’ll see you at a session soon!

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