Give Yoga a Go!

This week, I was asked whether experience was required in order to take part in a Yoga session. The answer, which applies to all of our sessions here at Active Students, is a proud and resounding NO!
We’re here for you – students with deadlines and budgets, and staff members with rigorous schedules and commitments alike! So whether you’ve been kicking a ball since you could toddle or if you’ve never played sports but want to get fit at uni, we’re your people.
Yoga is a great way to dip your toes into the waters of what can appear an intimidating world of sport and fitness. All you need is to come in comfortable clothes, and bring a bottle of water (as a good habit to begin) and your student or staff identification card. That’s it!
For anyone at The University of Hertfordshire  who wants to give it a try, Yoga is on Wednesdays from 7pm in the Oval Flexible Space on College Lane. We also have a quieter session from 8pm immediately afterward if you want to avoid crowds!
See you there,

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