The Truth About Frisbee

‘Frisbee isn’t a real sport!’

The image that comes to most peoples’ minds when they think about playing frisbee is idyllic: a stretch of beach on a family holiday and a dog that wants to play fetch with a flat, round toy. However, like most great things we have today (electricity, penecillin, the idea that the world is round) the game of frisbee may not have started off very seriously, but today, it’s kind of a big deal.

Ultimate Frisbee is the official title, and its much bigger than you might think! It’s a sport that’s had no drugs scandals, no riots, and no bad sportsmanship. It has been part of the World Games since 2001, and is a professionally paid career in the USA.

The premise is simple- a rectangular pitch with two ‘end zones’ (similar to american football), two teams of seven players, and one disc. The idea is to move the disc among your team players until one of them catches it in the end zone, resulting in a point. Easy right? Except you can’t move when you’ve got the disc. Try throwing a frisbee like a netball and you’ll realise that it’s actually harder than you think.

However, like all things worth doing, it only takes a bit of time and practice to realise that great sports can be played without a football… and that frisbees aren’t just for dogs.

By Sarah Krauze

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