How I Became a Yoga Addict!

“I am not flexible!”

Well everyone isn’t to start with… but with practice you’ll get there.

My yoga journey started mainly because I was forced to finish up my sister’s yoga package that was going to expire. I had a choice to say no, but since it was free I thought why not?

When I got to the studio, everyone was prepared on their mats and chatting with each other. As class started, it was intimidating to see that everyone knew what the instructor was saying.

“Okay! We’re going to do some back bending poses today, but first we’re going to start with five sun salutation A and five sun salutation B.”

Yeah… what is sun salutation A and B?!

Overall, I managed to survive one hour of yoga and to be honest I enjoyed it.

So, a few days later my sister invited me to an opening of this new yoga studio, because they were offering free classes on that day. I went there as usual- still unsure how to do some poses. But, I stayed positive and got through it. At the end of the day, I decided to ask the manager whether the studio needed assistance since I lived five minutes away and guess what… they said yes!

I worked at that studio for four months and throughout those four months I developed a love of yoga. I also met people who became like family.

One of the perks of working there was I got to join the classes for free. I managed to practice yoga every single day (or maybe four times a week.) Slowly, I improved my flexibility: from doing splits with my thighs not touching the floor, to splits with my thighs touching the floor (and no bent knees!)

After four months, I couldn’t stop practicing. I continued my yoga practice at home and am now currently learning how to do a handstand and scorpion pose.

Yoga has helped tremendously with my health. Before yoga I had back pains and now I don’t. I have increased muscle strength, because of the poses I do. Lastly, I will always feel good about myself after a yoga session!

All in all, I just needed a push. I hope this yoga story of mine inspires you to go beyond your limit – not just trying yoga, but other sports too.

By Arina

You can find our free upcoming yoga and sports sessions here

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